Monday, October 11, 2010

Are You a Paperclip?

When was the last time you thought about what a paperclip really does? Think about it for just a moment. Each day in millions of offices all across the world it performs a very important function with very little fanfare (short of maybe this post). Each day, through thick and thin, it holds several independant pieces of paper together. I know, it sounds silly talking about it, doesn't it? But think about how frustrating it would be if we didn't have them! I know it's stating the obvious, but each individual piece of paper holds a key piece of the entire story. Whether the story is a work document for an important client, a book manuscript you've poured yourself into, or a sales contract that needs to be signed by close of business today, if one sheet of paper goes missing we're in big trouble.

The congregation you attend (or should be attending) is like the manuscript, and all the individual members together make up the whole story. But we still need members who are willing to step up and say, "I can be a paperclip."

But be warned, the job of a paperclip isn't an easy one. It becomes your responsibility to try to keep the peace among the pieces of paper. It's your responsibility to keep papers from flying away in the winds that come along. To be certain, this job is not for the intolerant or weak.

A paperclip must not pass rash or unfair judgment. It's not their job to decide which sheet of paper has the best personality, and is therefore allowed to stay in the story. Their personality may be just what the story needed. My point isn't that we should be tolerant of any and all that walk through the door, but rather that we shouldn't create divisions where God, who is the Editor, doesn't. That's not the job of a paperclip.

So the question stands? Are you a paperclip? If not, can you be? Will you be?

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